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Take full control of your estate and watch the profitability rise.

VeoVend empowers the machines within the estate to communicate directly, eliminating expensive handheld devices.


The system allows you to monitor and manage up to date information remotely in “Right Time”. This ensures full visibility of sales, stock and performance , plus any alerts related to individual machine issues.

  • No need to invest in expensive hardware and software. VeoVend is an online solution providing “Software as a Service” - so you only pay for what you use.
  • Gain access to your estate from anywhere in the world at any time: no need to be in the office.
  • Detailed automated reports provide timely accurate information.
  • Dashboard and control panel functionality: customize reports to the right level of detail for each individual user.
  • Email and SMS alert notification to designated individuals - reducing downtime, costs, labour and carbon emissions whilst improving profitability
  • Seamless integration with your current sales and accounts packages for smooth implementation.

And remember, VeoVend connects both new and legacy units. No machine will be left behind!