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Today and Tomorrow: Future Technologies

VeoVend already connects up new and legacy machines today. And VeoVend is working closely with organisations such as MasterCard and Visa to develop solutions for the vending industry tomorrow, including:


Contactless Payment

Allowing customers to pay for a vend by means of  “Tap and Go”. This function will shortly become an everday occurrence as it will form part of your existing Debit or Credit card allowing payments up to a value of £10 without the delay of PIN confirmation.


Gordon Brown, said that the market would be worth £30 billion in the UK when Contactless begins its national roll out with the backing of all the UK major banks. It is estimated that the global market for Contactless is £364 billion.


Benefits to vending operators will include:

  • No lost sales due to lack of change
  • Reduced cash counting and collection costs
  • Keeping up with latest payment technology as consumers move away from cash
  • Reduced opportunity for collection fraud

RFID gives operators the ability to monitor precisely their stock and machine stock levels.


In the future it is planned that all items will come with an RFID tag, identifying each uniquely in a format that can be read remotely. This will allow operators to know exactly what has been vended and when.


With greater visibility of stock, comes improved decision making and enhanced purchasing power to improve profitability.