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About Us

Everywhere you look, the world is getting more connected – from the Internet to Wi-Fi to email. And that’s the technology behind VeoVend.

The VeoVend software grew out of the Internet kiosks you find in airports around the globe – the most demanding public environment for managing data anywhere.

Now, by hooking up with vending machines, whatever their age, VeoVend brings your estate - of both new and legacy units - into the 21st Century.


Putting today’s connectivity to work for you:

  • keeping you bang up to date with what is happening
  • focusing site visits where the return is greatest
  • driving profitability up.

Joined Up Efficiency

VeoVend provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers to add value beyond the box and to create “a joined up services community” where operators become more loyal to manufacturers, consumers benefit from increased levels of service resulting in a more profitable position for everyone concerned.